As the dreaded coronavirus bolts across the globe, city after city has locked down, transforming cities into ghost towns.

Malecon alone Puerto VallartaOur city cannot stay in lockdown indefinitely.  The reality is we cannot just hit a reset button and revert to how things were before; therefore, the city has focused on a full-out mobilization little by little.

Malecon aerial view alone

Keeping in mind the required needs in health and necessary measures to cope with this devastating pandemic, we’re prepared for a safe and secure future for tourism & society.

First off, several transportation adaptations have been made; to use any transportation, you must be wearing a face mask. This rule also applies when entering restaurants and stores.

van with people with facemaskBefore entering these places, you will most likely encounter painted lines on floors to indicate & promote adequate social distancing in waiting areas.

Social DistancingTermometer Check

Your temperature will be checked using a touchless digital thermometer, in which you will be allowed access if you’re 36° Celsius or under.

In the present time, Puerto Vallarta is no longer a ghost town. Tourism is starting to flow, the beaches are being swum in & enjoyed.

Woman looking around at the muello los muertos in Puerto Vallarta
Woman looking around at Los Muertos pier in Puerto Vallarta

Families are going out to eat, sunsets are being watched, and most importantly, the people have adapted to the required needs to live in harmony.

Couple dining with facemask at a restaurant's

When arriving in Puerto Vallarta, we will be waiting for you while holding a sign with your name on it (or however you desire the sign to read).

Vallarta Transfers and Incentives choffeur waiting for people at airport

Once encountered, we will walk you to your private sanitized Covid free spacious vehicle where cold beer and water will be waiting for you.

We’ll provide you with the best & safest transfer experience to your destination!