Whether it’s on an adventure or a relaxing trip, Puerto Vallarta has a wide range of activities and experiences waiting for you. If you plan to explore the city on your own, walking, on public transportation, or by taxi, these are the top 5 free places you should go. We recommend you take your hat and lotion as well as comfortable shoes for your stroll.


1-Malecon Boardwalk


Zona Centro, El  Caballito, Delfines, Plaza de Armas, Los Arcos, Vallarta ArtWalk, Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, and surroundings. While you are walking around this area, you will feel the spectacularity of Puerto Vallarta just for the nature of its location. This is a fav for Local and visitors; people walk every day or at least once a week for relaxation and maybe buy an agua fresca or an elote. Also, you can try the famous tuba drink or a tejuino, both prehispanic drinks recipes of our ancestors sold by peddlers. You’ll find restaurants, bars, clubs, clothing, jewelry boutiques, souvenirs, food stands, and street artists’ performances, all of it accompanied by a refreshing ocean view.




2-City Marquet, Isla Cuale



A few blocks ahead from el Malecon, you will get to the City Market and Isla Cuale; On a morning walk looking around,  you’ll find restaurants, bars, clothing, and jewelry boutiques. The Cuale River is one of the seven rivers that are born on the Sierra Madre Mountains. Its mouth is located right in the heart of Puerto Vallarta and divides the town in two. Before it reaches the Pacific, the river opens up in two, creating an island that is connected by vehicular and hanging bridges. The Cuale Cultural Center offers painting, sculpture, dance, drama, and music workshops, as well as free access to the Cuale Archaeological Museum, exhibiting the archaeological findings in the area and general information on Mesoamerican history and art.


3-Playa Los Muertos (Olas Altas), Zona Romántica. 


Los Muertos Beach is an iconic spot in Puerto Vallarta, located in the Romantic Zone where its famous pier is found. Also known as Olas Altas is an interesting mix between the traditional and the new tendencies in the destination you can live here. There are various gourmet restaurants, traditional fondas, bars, and shops, with the Pacific as a backdrop. In this fascinating, colorful, and cosmopolitan neighborhood, known as the LGBT area, with trendy restaurants, plazas, coffee shops, and a lively nightlife to enjoy at sundown, you will find galleries with more than a 60-year trajectory exhibiting local and foreign artwork.

At this same spot, on Saturday mornings during high season, you can visit the Olas Altas Farmers Market, the first market in the bay with a handmade-homegrown concept, where you will find one-of-a-kind items made by local artisans, fresh produce, local and international delights, live music and so much more!

By day or night, the Romantic Zone will be one of your favorite hanging out spots to enjoy a coffee along with a traditional or international dish, or trendy mixology by Los Muertos Pier with stunning views of the bay.


4-Sayulita & San Pancho Surfer’s villas.


Sayulita is a quaint fishing village about half an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, the pace of life is slow and relaxed, yet the town does not lack yummy restaurants, gorgeous beaches, or a splash of shopping. Escape the resort life for a day and relax in style in Sayulita.

Start early in Sayulita, where an enthusiastic community of surfers will delight you with their skill on the waves. And if you want to get involved in this sport, a large number of shops offer all the equipment and instruction necessary. Beforehand, you can have breakfast at one of the many restaurants around the main square and then tour the surrounding streets to get a general idea of the prevailing customs in this small town. Sayulita’s Los Muertos Beach deserves special mention, its natural setting offering a small paradise nestled between two rocky hills. To reach it, you need to walk toward the local cemetery, which extends along a hillside, with several tropical trees growing among the tombs, which are beautifully decorated in the typical fashion. You may want to take a moment and respectfully explore the cemetery in detail. Once across it, you will find the area’s most beautiful beach.

A short five kilometers from Sayulita, Mexico, is the charming village of San Francisco, locally known as San Pancho. Home to art galleries, restaurants, hotels, and unique shops, San Pancho is a nice, relaxing place to spend the day. It has a quiet vibe and a nice beach.


5-Punta de Mita


Bucerias and Punta Mita are both fishing villages and tourist centers on the Mexican Pacific coast. Punta de Mita is known for its luxurious homes, golf courses, and private beaches. The public beach El Anclote is surrounded by restaurants and has a sea with gentle waves. On the coast, there are the biodiverse Marietas Islands that are home to fauna such as the humpback whale and the blue-footed gannet. This is a great tiny town with delicious fresh food and long stretches of ocean for paddleboarding, snorkeling, and several nice surf spots.
The beach is beautiful; sugary sand is easy to walk/run on, and the mountains decorating the backdrop of the ocean made the view exceptional.


Puerto Vallarta lo tiene todo!

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